Elena A. Grishanina – Elena Robert – Scammer, Married For Green Card

Russian Bride: Elena A. Grishanina 45, Fresno, Ca. Arrived in United States July, 2008 with two juvenile daughters from Baurnal, Russia. Immediately extorted, blackmailed husband with threats of physical and sexual assault for green cards-social security cards-and money. Husband paid until he died on January 27,2011.

They met on Mate1.com Elena used the profile name; elenaflower42

As to the amount of $ involved,..thousands..it cost thousands to get Elena Grishanina (Robert) out of Russia along with her two daughters..Richard Robert paid for Elena’s attorney fees throughout custody battle in Russia for one of Elena’s daughters..thousands in paying for their living expenses in Russia through this 3 year ordeal..just to be treated as he was after he got them here. Elena uses the following emails: [email protected] and [email protected]

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