Ashra Spells Scam

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Ashra Spells Scam

Post by TheTruthTeller » Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:56 am

For those who do not know who Ashra Spells @-) are then let me explain.

1. The one known as "Ashra" claims to be a "genuine" spellcaster and spellmaster their whole life.

2. The Spells that are cast are "guaranteed" to work and can be "made to fit" one's situation no matter how complex the situation may be.

3. These spells are mainly love spells and some are even cost effective ones that the site offers. :-o

4. These spells claim to deliver the fastest results over every other spells out there than can be cast by other spellcasters.

5. There is even a guarantee that is found on the Ashra Spells website and here is part of it:

The Ashra Guarantee:

Guaranteed Spells

"Ashra is so confident that her spell casting will work for you, she is willing to match any satisfaction and/or guarantee offered by any other certified spell caster. This includes any refund policy and/or money back guarantee on services."

Contrary however especially to this so-called "guarantee" there is evidence however that Ashra Spells is involved in the scamming of hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars and does not even stick to its guarantee.

Here is a complaint about Ashra Spells made on the site known as the Ripoff Report

Topic: Spell Enchantment - Ashra Spells and Spiritual Work Internet

Submitted: Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reported By: — stop me Alberta

"If you see this website, then know that spells and other work have been paid for to the tune of thousands of dollars with NO RESULTS. After contacting her to tell Ashra that the spells did not work, I was told that the money was NON REFUNDABLE. So basically, you have no way to know if the work was ever done. She promised to recast and that was months ago again with NO SUCCESS. This woman sends out mass emails telling you about her latest spells and work to offer you, but buyer beware. She claims to have all this power but is not consistent with return emails and when request are made to question why her work has not come to pass as she promises that it will.

I personally would not use her again. If a spell caster is not willing to offer you a complete refund in a timely manner after the work is done and it does not happen, then run like the wind.

Buyer beware of this particular spell caster...."

Why me
stop me, Alberta

Note: You will notice that in the complaint the so-called "guarantee" that the site claims to uphold is not kept at all and many continue to notice the same issue as well even till this day.

Though I respect everyone's right to believe whatever they want to believe one should not put their full hopes and dreams and even money resources in that which seems to be unpredictable because anything that may be unpredictable such as spell casting may end up scamming you in the end.
:-? :-B
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