Adriana Charis – Nigeria Scammer

the girl's name is Adriana Charis - phone numbers are +234 805 360 0914 and 
+234 703 396 6886 - her last stated address to me was at the Hilton Hospital, Ikeja

there is so much information that i have found the included
an embassy employee - Paul Festus
2 doctors- Dr Marcus & Dr Henry
a security company - LDS Courier Company
3 people with the security company
10-12 other people involved

i also found some of her other victims
John Reyes -
Stevan Speer -
Ervin Melton -
Terry Clark -

the doctors names are dr marcus and dr steven henry both at the
hilton hospital, 1 Oba Akinjobi St, Ikeja, 23401 - hospital phone numbers +234 703 543 1216 or
+234 705 570 8754
a man by name of paul festus is cousin of a pastor in Lagos - paul also works
at embassy that made the fake passport - paul festus phone is +234 702 534 4631- the pastor provided
her with her housing and food - the pastor's son - Alonge Adekunle is
also involved in the scam

the last person to receive money for her was massimo mancini but the before her was dennis peter
- dennis peter works in a Western Union bank/office as manager in the Lagos / Mushin area

she told me of some strong boxes at a security company in benin and to send money to a
toni donandoni - - employees of the security company are
akinseye ibukum & ann alfred the name of security company in cotonue benin is LDS courier
company aka LDS security company with
2nd name of guaranty security company their address is 43 pine drive, dantokpa, benin, 229

the "lawyer" that she had me pay $5000 so she could inherit her deceased fathers property is
named robert scheff -
(her parents names - Massimo F Battista & Lalla Bastiano)

she had a man in another location send me a check to cash and then send the money to her
- his name is mike oleg - the check sent was a fake one

adriana uses the following yahoo addresses - - - -

using google searches will show most of the websites she is currently using - use these search words
lovesource1111 -
lovebearer09034 -
lovebearer12345 -
lovebearer97128 -
blondechick -
dstargirl_120 -

those are her screen names on other dating sites for working her scamming scheme
she contacted me from using dstargirl in june 2008

she had 3 profiles on - they are give-it-chance - lovebearer97128
- queenshelly33 (They have all been deleted)
she had 1 on - blondechick